Starting to Play Well

In our last 3 games, I think we’ve improved greatly from the ones before that. Even though we lost to Man. City and Chelsea we still didn’t play as badly has we were. 

Man. City wasn’t the worst of games, since we did only hold them to one goal in the first 89 minutes and none in the first 67. We also did create a few opportunity to score and we did convert on one of them. I think we could have easily prevented that penalty, but everyone makes mistakes. Overall, it wasn’t a bad performance considering the opponent was Man. City.

After the loss to Man. City, the Swansea game was a must win. It wasn’t pretty we did get the W which was all that mattered. We didn’t play our very nice style of play that I like, but I didn’t care because we needed those 3 points. Although we only had 33% of the possession we created a lot more chances and kept for the most part Swansea out. I think we could have scored 1 or 2 more goals, but as I said before it doesn’t matter because we did win the game.

The Chelsea game was the only one I got to actually watch because I was at my own soccer/football for the other 2. I think we played very well against Chelsea even though we lost. Alex Neil strategy to defend was good because if we went attacking, Chelsea would’ve found loads of gaps in our defence. We also created a few chances and one of them was so close to being a goal. 

We’ve got to be careful now as we’re only 3 points from the relegation zone, but I think we’ll be fine if we keep driving through and picking up points.

On the Ball, City 

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3 L in a Row!?!

I can’t believe we’ve just gone and lost against Leicester, Newcastle, and West Brom. That’s three losses in a row which has now gotten us only three points from the relegation zone.

I was half expecting us to lose to Leicester so that wasn’t such a bad result, but I think that if the ref didn’t call that questionable penalty, and we held our defence, we could’ve stole 2 points from them. Like I said before, I really don’t think the penalty should have been one. This year we’re really having the decisions go against us, and I’m kind of getting tired of it. 

I think the Newcastle game showed how much we need to improve our defence. We just couldn’t stop Newcastle’s play. The sad thing is that Newcastle was second to last when we played them so I thought that it was going to be a cruise. Our midfield is turning out great and is giving loads of chances to our strikers who just need to be a bit more clinical in front of goal.

It was the same old story against West Brom as it almost always is. We were in control of the game for the first half hour, but we couldn’t make it count, and then our defence gives in and we end up losing 1/2-0. Their goal was very nice, and we couldn’t have done much about it, but it wouldn’t have mattered if we had put it away our chances in the first half.

Overall, we need to tighten up our defence, and take more of our chances. We won’t do very well in our next few games, but hopefully 3 other teams can do worse.

On the Ball, City 

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Could have done it!?!

I thought we could of done it against Liverpool and West Ham. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t win those two games, but considering West Ham was 3rd and it was Liverpool 2 away points don’t seem so bad.

 I think we could have nicked it against Liverpool because even though they had more chances than they did, we had a few that we could have put away. In the West Ham game we were the better team in the first half and we should have capatalized on that by getting a second goal in the first 45.

 Against Liverpool I was very impressed with our defense (including Ruddy) who kept out everything but one which is very good. If it weren’t for them we would have definitely conceded more than 1. I think we could have won the game because our attacking players could easily match their defensive ones. We also had a few missed chances. I think we were very lucky that Martin came back in time because of course he was the one who scored the brilliant equalizer. I was indeed surprised that he did play because he must have been very tired after not going to sleep at all. I think it was very nice of Alex Neil to let him go back to Norwich although the right thing to do because family does come first.

The following week when we played West Ham I think we should have gotten 3 points even more. We outclassed them for most of the first half and played like Barcelona which I loved. We should have put another one in the back of the net while we had the upper hand. I don’t think anything could have prevented their first goal because it was pure brilliance. Redmond’s goal was nice to give us a deserved lead but then their equalizer was just so scrappy. The free kick was needless as Reid, a centre-back, was just running to the touchline about 7 yards out from out box. But what might have been worse was our defending when the ball was put into the area. It bounced around hitting a few players and since Ruddy was out of the goal a West Ham player smashed it home to take 2 points off of us.

Although we missed our chance to go at least 4th in the table I think these 2 points are fine for now. If we can get 6 or 7 points (9 would be nice!?) from our next three games I think we’ll be fine.  

On the ball, City

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7 out of 15!

Sorry I couldn’t post the last two weeks. My brother and I had tournaments those weekends.

Our win against Bournemouth yesterday was very pleasing indeed. I think we played very well, and picked up three valuable points. I’m very excited that we have 7 out of a possible 15 points and are 8th in the league, It’s good that we’ve beaten the two teams that we could be potentially competing against in the relegation battle. I think we played quite well in the first half, but even better in the second. Wes and Jarvis played particularly well. I was amused that when Wes’s shin pads came out and he kept them in his hand, there was no break in the play and so he nutmegged a defender, assisted Jerome for a goal and celebrated all with his shin pads in his hand.  

It’s good to see that Matt Jarvis was a good buy, but I’m still questioning Alex Neil on what he will do next week when Olsson is fully fit, and we can only play two of Redmond, Jarvis, and Brady. Mbokani looked quite good as well. He put in a lot of effort which I thought was very nice.

I was very sad to see that Bradley left, and I still don’t know why Alex Neil sold him. It made it even more disappointing, that I had bought his shirt a few weeks before. I think we all give him hope at Derby though.

On the City, Ball

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Off and Running

Saturday came with our first points of the season! Although it was against Sunderland, who aren’t one of the top teams, I think we still showed some quality. I hope this win will give the lads some confidence for our next few games.

Like I said, we showed quality but Martin’s goal didn’t require his quality. The shot before the goal was quite good, but Martin didn’t know what was happening after the keeper parried the ball. It bounced of Russ’s leg and went in.

I can’t believe 2 of our 4 “goal”scorers this season were defenders. Whittaker scored the second goal against Sunderland off a lovely 1-2 with Hoolahan. That is why I love Hoolahan so much — he does great passes. I hope Alex Neil keeps playing him, which I think he will, because he is a very good playmaker and has 3 assists already this season.

The third goal, I thought, easier than it should have been. The Sunderland players just stood there and didn’t close down anyone while Norwich just passed around them and when it came to Redmond, he just slotted it in near post. It must have been hard to get it between the goalie and the post.

I think this win will be the start a good run of games for us.

On, the Ball City! 

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We are Premier League!!!!

I’m back for the new season and will definitely try to be posting every Sunday afternoon.(America).

I’m so excited about being in the Premier League. It’s actually part of the reason I’m writing this post. I can now watch the games on telly so I am able to see what happens, which helps me write the blog. I really hope we can stay up because if we do we will get a lot money and that will help us improve our squad. 

Speaking of improving our squad I think Alex Neil has made some very good signings. I went to see the Brentford game at Carrow Road and Brady, Wisdom, and Mulumbu were very good. Mulumbu even got man of the match. Although he also got injured which is quite bad because he was excellent. It’s also good to have secured Dorrans. I strongly think we need to get another Premier League quality striker though.

We played our first game yesterday and it was a disappointing start to the campaign. We should have won it in the first half as the match was there for the taking. We created so many chances and but didn’t convert. Also, the decisions were very harsh indeed. I can’t believe Jerome’s second-half goal was disallowed. His foot was nowhere near the other players head. Plus, the Palace player was putting his head down. Another bad call was the no penalty one. The push on Bassong was as blatant as can be. I’m glad that Hoolahan played the whole game. It shows that he is fit enough to play 90 minutes and that Alex Neil will play him. Redmond and Jerome were super subs. They should definitely start when they can.

I think we played very well, and I think we can play in the Premier League. We just need to grab those goals. Hopefully we can do better in our upcoming games.

On the Ball, City

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If I Were the Manager…

Thanks for reading my posts! Today, for my homework assignment, I’m the manager and I’m going to tell you what I would do differently to Alex Neil.

First off, I would always start Wes, but I will admit Alex Neil has been doing a very good job of this recently. The reason I would do this is because he is a very creative player and is a brilliant passer of the ball. He motivates the team to play more “tiki-taka”.

Next, I would switch the formation to a 3-4-1-2:

Martin        Bassong        Turner
Redmond        Howson        Johnson        Olsson
Jerome        Hooper

I think this is better than the formation we are playing in right now because we have a solid 3 in the back with the two wing-backs covering. The wing-backs can also help the front 5 in attack. Howson and Johnson are there to protect the defense, but will definitely move up too support and combine. Hoolahan is there for great passes to the front 2 who score goals.

Also, I would organize the fans to sing specific songs at specific times for motivation and for team bonding I would organize different events for the players to do together, such as fun two to five-a-side games/Fifa games or tournaments.

Some things that I would for sure do, that I hope Alex Neil does, are here. First I would make the food they eat healthily. Under me, they would be allowed to sometimes get desserts but not big and very unhealthy ones. I wouldn’t be easy on them either, and push them extremely hard so they can get better.

Even though I would make a few changes if I was manager, Alex Neil is a very strong manager in my opinion.

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